Amelia's Friends

One of the best aspects of working at a legal Nevada brothel is that we have access to dozens of other ladies who are subject to the same rules of safety and are equally as enthusiastic about joining us. Here are a few of my favorite ladies to work with!

Hannah Foxx


Hannah is my next-door neighbor at the Kit Kat and one of my best friends. Besides having an amazing body and some of the longest legs I've ever seen, she is exceedingly witty and intelligent; her extroversion is a great complement to my introversion, and her wide variety of skills help me push my own limits beyond my usual comfortable GFE zones. I love working with her!

Alice Little

Screenshot 2017-11-10 at 7.58.28 PM.png

Alice has been a role model to me since day one. As the number one lady amongst all our houses in 2016 (and likely 2017 as well!), she is a force to be reckoned with -- all the more surprising when you realize she comes in a petite 90-lb, 4'8" package. One of the things I love most about Alice is her incomparable enthusiasm for what she does. When you see her eyes light up in excitement, you will know what I mean!

Roxanne Price

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It took me a long time to make a proper acquaintance with Roxanne, but I knew early on that we would hit it off. Roxanne has an incredible personality and is one of the ladies who can best geek out when it comes to music and gaming. Her generosity knows no bounds and, though she is sure to be modest about it, she is extremely skilled and especially great at working with inexperienced and virgin clients who want to learn more about intimacy. I can't get enough of spending time with Roxanne and I know you won't either.

Kira Rain


Don't let Kira's blonde locks fool you -- she is one of the sharpest, wittiest, and most encyclopedic ladies at the ranches. Her skills and interests are vast and she's been my personal stylist for the last few months, helping me upgrade my hair and makeup for your enjoyment. She is also incredibly generous, thoughtful, and brings tremendous, genuine care and concern to those she meets. While I've heard tales of Kira's other two-girl, three-girl, and four-girl parties, I have yet to join in on one, so there will be extra rewards in store for the person who wants to make this happen!