Amelia Heart - Reviews

Thanks to the esteemed gentlemen who have taken the time to write about their experiences; it's so wonderful to share the love! The reviews below have been excerpted from the Bunny Ranch forums.

Amelia heart is an angel

She accompanied me to her room to make sure that everything was OK and, after we settled all the details, we began the party. I won’t go into details of the action, but I had one exquisite, sensual, and unforgettable experience that I will remember as one of the best of my life.

She is sweet, generous, and has a great personality, not to mention a perfect body. And she knows how to use it. Thank you, pretty Amelia, for making my trip unforgettable.

- Y., 10/8/17

Amelia Heart @ Kit Kat

"I just love reconnecting with old friends. I first met Amelia in January when she just started the business. We have been good friends ever since. This lady is pure class and a pleasure to be around. Her perfect little size 2 body is hot and tight. She is very accommodating and open-minded in every way. Her oral skills are some of the best ever and she loves to please. If you like a warm and sexy GFE lady, give her a try."

- C.B., 6/19/17

a skilled courtesan and masseuse

"I think if I could describe Amelia in one word, the word would be classy. I asked Amelia for a massage and a bit of GFE. I wanted to taste her and kiss her. Her room is simply decorated, but nice and clean. She let me take a shower before our party. She has a nice shower.

Amelia had a massage table set up in her room. She had me lay face down on it, and proceeded to give me an expert, and professional massage. It was relaxing, and I felt like I was a guitar being played by a skillful musician. Her fingers gliding over me would be a good description here. At one point, She stood over my head and I had wonderful view looking up at her pert breasts and firm bottom, and lovely trimmed pussy. Ah, I forgot to mention that she did the massage totally nude except for a small belt holding her massage oil. I felt some twinge of arousal when her other soft body parts would come in contact with me and the tantalizing views. I think that if she did this part of the party as a tease, it would be great foreplay.

Now I was feeling relaxed and de-stressed, we moved to the bed and started kissing there. Amelia is a good kisser, and it was fun to be draped by her soft hair. I especially enjoyed her smiles. Our kissing moved to her lying on her back and my kissing and licking down her body. She enjoyed a bit of breast play and my oral ministration of down below, she got creamy, so I could tell she was climbing along her orgasm path. But what she really wanted was to be penetrated, so she climbed on top. She started quivering right away. It was magnificent to feel and experience. She eventually came from penetration, and needed a breather. It was beautiful.

We finished the party with a quick shower together. Thank you Amelia for a fun time."

T., 6/14/17

My Party with Amelia Heart

"I decided to switch things up for this party where we started our party in the shower then to the bed. I normally start the party in bed then head to the shower at the end. I have to say that this was a very fun party, especially in the shower where I was even able to lift Amelia while we were playing. Another bonus to partying with Amelia was that she was a licensed massage therapist, so she threw in a short massage session at the end of our party. This was a true happy ending

It was a great pleasure to have spent some time with a beautiful, intelligent woman like Amelia. I really enjoyed my experience with you and would like to thank you. Till next time!"

- C., 6/10/17


"Was fortunate to meet the beautiful Amelia Heart during the St. Paddy weekend. Amelia is a genuine beauty, both beautiful and intelligent. After meeting her and having a great conversation, I felt a connection and just had to have a GFE party with her. Her sexual skills are second to none and will be on my list when next I visit. Guys, do not miss out on meeting this classy woman when you visit."

- T.L.D., 3/24/17

Amelia Heart(throb)

"Amelia said she picked her name because she wanted something that sounded respectable in a restaurant or on an outdate, as opposed to, say, ViXXen McBooty. ("Paging ViXXen McBooty; your table is ready.") Not that Amelia doesn't have a little ViXXen McBooty in her. As she sipped at a glass of wine (natch), she explained how she was balancing her past as a student of art history with brothel life. In very different ways, they have expanded her horizons, she said.

I think we can all agree that's a good thing, and so is Amelia. Her features are softer than her lovely pictures indicate, and she's very toned and fit. Amelia's smart and relaxing and a lot of fun to be with. I'll withhold the prurient details in favor of a tip: bring her chocolate. The good kind (from See's at the mall, not the Wal-Mart stuff). Perfect way to cap a GFE party."

- S.D.J.,  3/3/17

Amelia Heart

"I had never been to the Kit Kat so I thought I would give it a try. WOW, what a good decision that was. I met this very sexy little girl, Amelia Heart. She is so beautiful and sweet in person, it's kinda shocking. Very passionate and very sexy with a flawless body, long legs and beautiful eyes. On top of all that, fantastic in the sack; you're going to leave tired in a good way."

- F., 2/8/17

Tuesday with Amelia Heart

"So today I saw Amelia face to face and after a short visit to her room the party was booked. Amelia's pictures are nice but you really have to see her in person to see what a special person she is.

I love bare hugs and she definitely knows how to receive and give back a great bare hug....and speaking about giving and receiving, Amelia doesn't limit it to just hugs if you know what I mean. Amelia is a massage therapist ...enough said. The rest of our party got even better...soooo...I would suggest you add Amelia to your Nevada adventures."

- T.B.B., 1/31/17

Amelia Heart - Pure Class

"I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with Amelia Heart at Kit Kat. What a delight! This East coast sweetheart is well-read, well-versed, and well-traveled. We talked for almost 2 hours before we even hit the bedroom.

Behind closed doors, Amelia is very accommodating and passionate. She is GFE all the way and really knows her stuff. Amelia has a rockin' little booty and long, slender legs for days. Overall, it was a great party with lots of extras.

Negotiations were simple & easy - I would definitely recommend her!"

- C.B., 1/5/17