Basic Services

Sexuality is a vital part of the human experience, and Nevada brothels are the only places in the United States where you can legally hire someone for sexual services. Here are some of the basics we can include in a party:

  • Straight Sex
    • I've been accused of having an intercourse fetish. This is my favorite! Many positions are available: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style... Check out this list for even more ideas.
  • Oral Sex
    • I adore male genitalia, cut and uncut, balls and all. I love touching, squeezing, licking, sucking on, and pleasuring them in every way possible. And you are more than welcome to return the favor...
  • 69
    • I'm usually a terrible multi-tasker, but sometimes you just can't help yourself but share in the oral pleasuring!
  • Anal Sex
    • Not many ladies actually offer this specialty service, and I haven't yet tried it. If you are interested in going down this route, contact me about being my first! This party will require planning and discussing in advance.

Of course, while we can stick to simplicity, we can also include any of these activities in a Girlfriend Experience party, part of a kinkier experience, a massage party, or any other fun ideas we can come up with...