Current Specials



Double Deposits: During the month of February, I'll double the value of any deposit you put down, regardless of what date the party is scheduled for!


See my outdate map for ideas!


Feed My Karaoke Addiction: Applies Wed, Fri, & Sat evenings. Book 1 hour with me and 1 hour to travel to the ranch that has karaoke on the night in question, and I'll double our time!

Overnights: Book 12 hours overnight, and get an extra 6 hours free! We can stay in and double our fun, or go out for breakfast or lunch!

Extended Outdates: Book 2 days, and get the third day free!


Check out my Bunny Blog article on Foot Fetish Fantasies, and see which ones get your heart racing. I'm offering the following foot-oriented specials:

Shoe Shopping Special: I tossed my whole shoe collection a couple of years ago, and now I need to rebuild. Take me on a shoe-shopping outdate and get a free foot fetish party after!

Barefoot Outdate Special: I'm not afraid of getting my feet dirty, if that's your thing. I'll go barefoot on our outdate anywhere, and you can clean my feet off when we get back, any way you can imagine!

Amelia-Heart-39 - Edited.jpg

Footwear Gift Bonus: Bring me a pair of shoes, stockings, or barefoot sandals, and I'll not only wear them for you, but I'll add extra party time as well!



Review Special: If you write a review of our experience together, I'll add extra time to our next appointment to show my appreciation!

Referral Special: If someone says your review or recommendation led them to make their first appointment with me, you'll both get an extra time on your next party! 

Standard Deposit Special: Planning ahead makes life so much easier! If you pre-arrange an appointment by putting down a deposit, I'll add 20% more party time!




Long Distance Drinks Special: Did you know you can call the ranch and leave me a bar tab? For every glass of wine or bourbon I get to enjoy on your behalf, I'll tack on a little extra time to our next appointment! Cheers!

Dessert Special: If you bring me chocolates or a fine wine for our appointment (the ranch selection is limited!), I'll add extra time to our appointment.